About Us

At Shining Garage Door Repair Spring, we are experts in the installation, replacement, and repair of automatic doors. Our technical service adapts to the needs of our clients, also guaranteeing a lasting solution.

Our highly qualified technicians will give you a solution to your problem in the shortest possible time. We have maintained thousands of automatic doors and automation installations in CA, both for doors and motors from various brands.

Remote Controls

Have an idea of ​​the controller you need, a specific make and model? Our catalog includes a wide selection of remote controls for doors, gates, and garages to meet our customers' demands. 

We have the most popular brands as well as the most prestigious ones. We negotiate good agreements with our suppliers regarding the most popular items to offer the best prices on our products. 


We have a long experience in the manufacture and assembly of any garage or roller door, so we can offer you the best solution.


If you have a problem with your garage or roller door, you just have to contact us, and we will estimate the repair.


You want to keep your garage or roller doors up to date and in perfect condition, do not hesitate to count on Shining Garage Door Repair Spring as an ally to achieve it.

Spare parts

We have many spare parts for any door on the market, contact us without obligation, and we will find the part you need.